Human is the key to success. The strength and perseverance of people who are honest, patient, who do not give up their goals, who help, who are willing to develop and develop will be the source of our power.

In the long run, success depends on hiring the right people and employee continuity. Our aim in the recruitment process is to recruit employees who will add value to the success of Dem Pharmaceuticals.


Tarafsız ve adil bir işe alım süreci uygulanan Dem İlaç'ta başvurular öncelikle İnsan Kaynakları Departmanı tarafından değerlendirilir. Uygun bulunan adaylarla ilgili departman yöneticileri ve İnsan Kaynakları işe alım  görüşmelerini gerçekleştirir.



As Dem Pharmaceuticals Human Resources, our goal is to provide development opportunities for our employees through an effective performance evaluation system and to continuously increase the performance of our employees.

At Dem Pharmaceuticals, a system based on objectives, management, target measurement and assessment of the competencies required for these targets to be implemented is implemented.

Since performance evaluation system is a very important and effective tool in increasing both personal and company success, it is very important to monitor and evaluate the performance objectively.

Performance evaluation interviews enable our employees to prepare their personal and professional development plans and help us to develop their career plans.


Dem Pharmaceuticals aims to contribute to their personal and professional development, increase their performance and motivation in the workplace and maximize productivity by providing training and development support to their employees.

For this purpose, Dem Pharmaceuticals;

Dem Academy,

Development Centers,

Talent Pool application was implemented.

In line with the targets and strategies of Dem Pharmaceuticals, for all our employees;
In order to attain the objectives required by job descriptions, improve their competencies and improve their performance and provide career development, training plans consisting of professional and personal trainings are created within the Performance Evaluation System.


Our trainings begin with the Program Orientation Program için in order to ensure the fast and easy adaptation of the employees to Dem Pharmaceuticals and its departments and continue with a continuous learning process with educational activities that increase their competencies and develop.


Filling vacancies as much as possible from within the company is a method applied at Dem İlaç. Criteria such as employee performance, knowledge, competencies, personality traits, training and experience are taken into consideration when evaluating applications.

The goal of career development is not only to take the employee to a higher position, but also to increase the powers and responsibilities of his / her current position depending on the performance. Therefore, the continuity of personal development is one of the constantly targeted criteria.

Development plans of our employees and backing up of positions are prepared taking into consideration the competencies of the employees. The career management system, which is structured based on the evaluations made, plays a crucial role for Dem Pharmaceuticals to achieve its goals.


At Dem Pharmaceuticals, wages are determined by considering sector averages, competencies required by the position, education level, seniority, experience and job responsibilities of employees.    


Communication is one of the most important issues at Dem Pharmaceuticals. Communication activities are carried out under two main headings as "internal communication" and "corporate communication".

It is Human Resources' responsibility to plan and coordinate internal and corporate communication activities and to implement social responsibility projects at Dem Pharmaceuticals.