When Human Resources Management at Dem Pharmaceuticals is used, it is understood that all human resources are used in the most accurate, effective and efficient way in order to achieve the goals of our company. Our common goals are to operate within the principles of "quality", "efficiency" and "competence".

Dem Pharmaceuticals Human Resources develops applications that will contribute to the company by identifying the needs of the company in advance and following the sector closely. In addition, it plans its internal and corporate communication activities and realizes its social responsibility projects. 

The main objective of Dem İlaç Human Resources is to attract and employ the best and efficient manpower, to provide high efficiency from the competencies and creativity of our employees, to increase their performance, to allow them to develop and to create a peaceful working environment.



 It is our most valuable asset for our employees, so we aim to build our relations with our employees on healthy and lasting foundations and we want to be with them for many years. 

In order to strengthen team spirit and solidarity awareness, we organize the gathering of our employees in various social, cultural and educational activities.

We attach importance to the health of our employees and believe that their success and happiness in the workplace are only possible with a healthy life. 

İş sağlığı ve işçi güvenliği yönetmeliklerine uygun fiziksel çalışma ortamları yaratmayı hedefliyoruz.

We promise a warm and sincere atmosphere in which their performances will be evaluated in a fair and transparent manner through mutual interviews, with career opportunities and where they can easily express their opinions. 


Establishing the human resources policies and practices necessary for achieving our goals,

To use human resources in the most effective and efficient way,

Employing the right people in the right jobs; in other words, to select the people with the knowledge, skills and skills necessary for the job and to place them in the most appropriate units,

To ensure that people rise in accordance with their business performance,

Determining the shortcomings of the employees and ensuring that they benefit from the training programs to eliminate them,

Appreciate and motivate employees and enable them to work in a company they are proud and excited of,

To increase employee satisfaction and loyalty,

Implement a fair and exemplary remuneration and benefits policy,



We want to be a company preferred pharmaceutical sector in Turkey.

We want to improve the performance of our employees by providing them with the best environment. 

We aim to ensure that our human resources, our most valuable asset, are people who can adopt and improve the corporate values of Dem Pharmaceuticals.